6th year Geography Fieldtrip

The 6th year Geography classes in De La Salle completed their Geographical Investigation at the Derrygonnelly Field Study Centre, in County Fermanagh, in November 2014. The title of the investigation was ‘An investigation of erosion in a fluvial environment’ and the class visited two sites along the course of the River Silles, one in the Upper and one in the Middle course. The class was divided into groups of five and each group carried out the measurement of the width, depth, speed, bed load size and velocity at each of the two sites.

In the afternoon after lunch, the class, under the guidance of instructors Chris and Shannen, carried out calculations and analysis of the data collected. They completed graphs and tables and will continue to write up the field study in class over the next few weeks. The completed project accounts for 20% of their final mark in Geography in the Leaving Cert. (2015).


Ms. Delany, Ms. Mc Bride, Mr. O’Náraigh and Mr. Mc Guinness accompanied the students and assisted on the field trip.

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